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What is the customer journey?

At the locus of DIY culture, Consumers desire emotional gratification not only from the products they use but also from the process of learning about, purchasing, and using those brands. We followed homeowners through the entire arc of painting and mapped their entire Customer journey, identifying key inflection points along the way.

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Meg and Hal are the best at what they do...understanding the heart and souls of customers. The most impactful and insightful work I’ve been involved with in my 20+ years. They helped set new directions for Benjamin Moore that have moved us forward. Best yet, they are fun to work with though they demand the best from you, so you must work hard with them to make your project as successful as it can be.
Larry L. Musetti, Market Research Manager, Benjamin Moore & Co.

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We swim in a sea of analytics reporting how people behave; but these numbers are absent of texture about the way purchase decisions are really made. Spreadsheets alone cannot tell us why people do what they do. Ethnography helps tell the whole story of your consumer.

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