What is the emotional side of value?

Woodbridge is the near ubiquitous wine brand you see price-promoted at food and drug stores. A recent explosion in the popularity of wine has crowded the category and competition in the value segment is fierce. Up to now, assumptions have been made about the value drinker: she doesn't know wine, he's cheap, she doesn't care about the brand. Woodbridge wasn't aware of any emotional equity with its drinker and consequently had not invested in the relationship. How would we suddenly compete with brands like Barefoot and Yellow Tail who conveyed distinct lifestyle cues and attitudes as part of their value proposition?

We found faithful drinkers of Woodbridge across socio-economic lines and in cities and suburbs alike. We asked them to have some friends over for wine and allow us to join them for the evening. We discovered that the true motivations for buying inexpensive wine were entirely counter-intuitive to the conventional thinking.

The human spirit is not to be underestimated. We help you see past assumptions and judgments and into the heart of your consumer.

Let's Start a Conversation.

Emotion will always be at the heart of every transaction and every relationship. Today's "value proposition" looks nothing like it used to. Empathy for your customer can differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

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