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10 DEC

Livin' la vida VUCA: How the advertising industry can find its rhythm.

How can the advertising industry find its rhythm?

How Bad Babysitter was born - we have John Mayer to thank

John Mayer aboard the MayerCraft Carrier, 2008

Your smartphone may be sabotaging preschool drop-off

Your smartphone may be sabotaging a smooth preschool drop-off
16 FEB

EPIC Film Committee and Submissions

We are honored to be on the Film & Animation Committee for EPIC2018 this year in Honolulu, Hawaii. We encourage anyone who has utilized this media as a language to imbue ethnographic data with visceral meaning and deeper context to submit their work. The best of the best will be carefully selected and curated into an engaging and inspiring session.

Thick Data vs. Big Data and The Future of Account Planning

31 JAN

Where'd You Get That King Cake?

A brief primer on the traditional New Orleans-style cake of Mardi Gras.
29 DEC

We won! London 2017

On December 4th, 2017, Bad Babysitter's work on plus-sized shoppers was recognized as the winner of The ICG's 2017 Independents' Award at the Market Research Society's (MRS) Annual Award Dinner in London.
30 OCT

Video Killed the Radio Star?

The role of video in Ethnography
27 SEP

Global Recognition

2017 MRS Independent's Day Finalist
21 JUL

A Semiotic Achievement!

27 MAR

The Little Thick in Adam McKay's "The Big Short"

Winning big with Thick Data
17 MAR

Era of Empathy

No longer a quant idea

Proud Members of EPIC

29 FEB

What happens when the predictive model gets it wrong?

Blog Post
29 FEB

Plus Size Fashion

What happens when stereotypes, fueled by popular culture, creep into a retailer’s business decisions? How one client found empathy - and a 9% sales increase.

Mardi Gras through the eyes of Bad Babysitter

Check out the article about Mardi Gras that we wrote for Sapiens.
22 SEP

Is H&M guilty of moral licensing?

One step forward, two steps back for Plus Fashion.

Speaking Gig at EPIC 2016

EPIC 2016 Minneapolis, MN

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