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Primrose Schools is a leader in early childhood education with over 300 franchised schools across the U.S. Their proprietary education approach is multi-layered, comprehensive, and inspired by an abundance of research and experience. New parents are often stressed and overwhelmed by information and mixed emotion as they decide on a preschool. How can Primrose demonstrate the value of their learning philosophy to parents as they embark on the most important decision of their lives?

We visited young parents in their homes, accompanied them on school Tours, rode along for pick ups and drop offs at school, and spent time listening to their beliefs about parenting and the role preschool plays in family life. We explored how they define early education, the world they are preparing their child for, and how you know in the gut if a school is right for you.

Bad Babysitter’s approach to qualitative research with target consumers is masterful, and something we had not experienced before as a brand in our previous research projects. The intimate and trusting setting that they established with our research participants not only allowed for the insights we needed on our base project, but it also provided valuable perspective and informed many other areas of our marketing and business.
Paul Thaxton, Vice President of Brand Management, Primrose Schools

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