Plus-Size Shoppers

Who is the Plus size shopper?

Fresh Produce is a women's clothing brand with a devoted base of shoppers who enthusiastically embrace the effortless style, bright colors and coastal motifs of its casual wear. As the line evolved, Plus sizes were occasionally included depending on the collection, but no specific strategy had been articulated for this shopper. Industry-wide, "straight-sized" apparel brands are waking up to the potential of this untapped market; but few are doing so with any true understanding of the real and perceived barriers Plus women have finding fashion-forward clothes with desirable fit. Fresh Produce decided it was time to purposefully design, source, style and market a Plus size offering. It was safe to assume this shopper had unique needs, but what were they? What emotions and past experiences does a Plus shopper bring with her? Do the brand equities translate to her the same way as the core base?

We connected with Plus size women of various generations and life stages in key markets. We explored social and cultural issues like body politics, fat-shaming, and media stereotypes. We listened to stories about their relationship to clothing from childhood. And, we spent many hours critically looking at her choices and shopping together. Our findings influenced new approaches in every discipline across the organization.

Sometimes, even the best intentions don't deliver in the way a brand imagines. We help you gain real empathy and push past stereotypes to authentically engage and inspire new customers.

We’ve all been there. You conduct a 3-month research initiative that ends with a 100-page deck, and you say to yourself, “now what?”. The power of The Bad Babysitters is not only their ability to uncover true and meaningful insights, but in their delivery of an attainable set of action items with both immediate and long-term implications on your business. Their drive to ask provocative questions upfront allowed us to effectively frame the opportunities with an unmatched level of clarity and direction.
John Harris, CMO Fresh Produce Sportswear

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Qualitative research should connect you viscerally to your consumers - you should feel like you know them and can recognize them.

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