How does mobile technology change the way we see the world...and how the world sees us?

Hearts & Science is a new order data-driven marketing agency that is “pioneering the future of brand relationships for the post-media world”. Our assignment was to explore the boundaries of privacy, personalized marketing, and smartphone dependence in the ever-shifting mobile landscape. Focusing on a cohort A25-35, we contextualized and humanized the data science from their proprietary platform.

So-called Millennials are the first completely native cohort of the digital age, and they are maturing into the next lifestage. They are buying homes, having children, and building careers. How are they leveraging the power of mobile technology to make their dreams a reality? What habits and behaviors are they putting in place to manage the “digital infinity”?

In this environment, how can brands communicate with them in a way that is natural, helpful and seamless? How and why is AI both meaningful and creepy? What are their early thoughts on AR/VR?

We discovered blurred lines between apps and action, and an emotionally tenuous relationship with personalized media. While there is no turning back now, this important cohort will be shaping a new set of consumer terms and expectations with brands.

We worked with Bad Babysitter to produce an ethnography around Millennial attitudes towards their phones and what it takes to break through to them from a marketing perspective. The output was crisp, insightful and beautiful. We’re still finding value in it each time we go back in.
Scott Hagedorn, CEO, Hearts & Science

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