We help you find the signal in all the noise so you have instincts to act.

Do you ever find yourself staring at consumer metrics but unsure how to act on them? Or feel like your organization is not aligned to a shared interpretation of the data analytics story? This happens when information lacks context. Context is everything. Our instincts are dulled when we have too much hard data without the messy beautiful human piece of the equation. Creativity suffers; outcomes are compromised. Bad Babysitter uses the qualitative tools of social science and video documentary to provide visceral moments of insight - the building blocks of strategy. We believe if you get the people wrong, you've got the market wrong.

The emotion of paint goes far beyond colors

What truly inspires homeowners to change?

Plus-Size shoppers: an overlooked market opportunity

How can a company change course to redefine success?

Case Study: Primrose Schools

A new era of parenting and what that means for preschools.

Smartphone dependence in the ever-shifting mobile landscape

What habits and behaviors are people using to manage “digital infinity”?

We worked with Bad Babysitter to produce an ethnography around Millennial attitudes towards their phones and what it takes to break through to them from a marketing perspective. The output was crisp, insightful and beautiful. We’re still finding value in it each time we go back in.

Scott Hagedorn

CEO, Omnicom Media Group

Does your data have soul?

Observations are as powerful as spoken words. The unarticulated can be as important as what is said. Our work yields the honest reflection, textured understanding, confessional stories, routines, and rituals that business leaders need to have the full story of the marketplace.

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