Published onFebruary 6, 2018

Thick Data vs. Big Data and The Future of Account Planning

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Worldwide Partners is the world’s largest network of owner-operated agencies dedicated to supporting independent agencies in the competitive landscape of attracting talent and creating strategic value for brands. Their annual Global Summit is in Miami, FL will engage marketing leaders in a multi-faceted and pointed discussion about the tensions and opportunities at the intersection of Creative and Data.

This event brings together independent agencies from across the globe to collaborate with experts in branding, data, media, ethnography, social media and creativity, to explore and maximize the opportunities that exist at the intersection of creativity and data. On Tuesday, April 17th, our founder Meg Kinney will join a panel of industry experts to talk about our favorite subject: the dance of Thick Data and Big Data. 

You can see the full line-up and schedule here on the conference website.

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